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Outreach Week Images

Rep. Nick J. Rahall II speaking to over 100 people attending a congressional reception during Outreach Week 2004.

Rep. Nick J. Rahall (D-WV) expressing support for National Monuments and the National Landscape Conservation System during Outreach Week 2004.

Patagonia donated t-shirts for Outreach Week 2004.

Patagonia generously donated organic cotton t-shirts featuring an image of Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness for Outreach Week 2004.

NLCS Outreach Week

More than 30 conservationists, ranchers, and sportsmen throughout the west came to Washington, DC the week of March 28, 2004 to educate Congress about the need to protect the NLCS from problems like funding shortages, illegal off-road vehicle use, oil and gas drilling, and vandalism.

Congress shows its support for the NLCS: Letters to Appropriators requesting more funding for the NLCS

Democratic letter to appropriators
Republican letter to appropriators

The NLCS is at great risk of lapsing into financial crisis; pressures are mounting.

Invest in an American Treasure: The National Landscape Conservation System

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